Almond Mlk

100% Raw. Vegan. Gluten-free. Pesticides-free. Made-to-order fresh liquid nutrients for the modern lifestyle • Mlk Menu

“Incredibly fresh, raw and unpasteurized – basically the polar opposite of the standard Singapore milk experience!”

Sassy Mama SG

We extract nutrients from generous amounts of high-quality almonds into toxic-free glass bottles, delivered to your doorstep on the same day. On your next delivery, we recollect your bottles for recycling.

We source only the highest quality almonds in the world—free of toxins and kind to the environment.

"Incredibly fresh, raw and unpasteurized – basically the polar opposite of the standard Singapore milk experience!"

Sassy Mama SG

Coming from Europe (and lived there and the States), it has been a mission to find a quality almond milk here in Singapore - but I must truly say that the taste and texture surpasses anything else in the global market. Congratulations on creating a wonderful range of products.

Tiffany Soi (@tiffany_soi), Competitive Rock Climber and Global Strala Yoga and Wellness Guide

Honestly good surprise! I drank half a glass and I liked it! I also made an iced coffee with Nespresso coffee, one scoop of vanilla ice cream and almond milk. Spot on, you should try.

Mattheu Pougin, Nespresso Country Manager, Singapore on Original Almond Mlk

The matcha milk was excellent - it is so good!

Olivia Thorpe, Founder of Vanderohe

Taking 200ml of the delicious sprouted almond milk for 5 days a week, I look at myself in the mirror each day and my complexion continues to glow! I also realise that I seem to regain my younger days’ ability to memorise a book’s content for exam purposes!

Christine Tee, Member of The Mlk Club

The best for bubba & momma

“I am dairy-sensitive, so with my kids, it was a natural choice for me to put them on a dairy-free diet once they were off breastmilk. We started them very young, and they took to the Original very easily. In their 2.5 years of life so far, I am happy that they have built a strong immune system, no skin or digestive issues commonly related to dairy consumption. We supplement our protein and calcium with lots of dark leafy vegetables, high quality meats and plant-based proteins like beans. Totally not missing out on anything dairy!” Mun

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Send mlk to ma & pa.

“Our daughter sends us almond mlk since 6 months ago. I was surprised to see my husband's cholesterol levels improve significantly. The only thing that changed was his every day almond mlk consumption.” Amy Leang


Nourish your beauty & your gut

“I started my clean eating journey 5 years ago when I experimented with making my own almond milk - it was fairly decent I thought! But when I tried The Mlk Co's almond milk, it was just divine and I cannot believe there were no preservatives as it lasts a good week when kept at the back of the refrigerator! We make it with everything, from chocolate babycino for my little one, to turmeric lattes, and even raw desserts. Super creamy and versatile, definitely have seen a huge change in my gut and skin having dropped dairy altogether." Nina Devouge