What are your available subscription plans?

Plans 1L 2L
/ bottle Delivery / bottle Delivery
Weekly 24.28 4.99 24.28 1.99
Monthly 23.66 3.99 23.66 Free
Quarterly 21.17 21.17

We mlk and deliver every Monday and Thursday, between 2pm – 6pm. Orders are fulfilled on Monday by default. For Thursday deliveries, please leave us a note at checkout.

Cut off day for orders will be 2 days before fulfilment day at 5pm.

While subscriptions are renewed automatically upon expiry, you are always able to pause or cancel at any time.

On subscriptions for flavoured mlk (almond macadamia, matcha, chocolate and hojicha), or for quantity more than 2L and less than 1L per delivery, please write to us at hello@themlk.co.


Where do you source your almonds from?
We source our almonds from California, US, the largest almond producer in the world!

We heard Spain and Australia are good places to source for almonds too!
Yes, indeed. We have explored a variety of high quality Spanish almonds, done taste tests with our customers, but the taste profile (bitterness) wasn’t the best for making almond milk. We have found that US almonds are better tasting – sweet and nutty. We are at the moment exploring Australian almonds. We place equal importance on quality and taste. We’ll update this space with more info as we go along!

Are your almonds organic?
Our almonds aren’t organic. Almonds are relatively clean as they are protected by their hard shells, which leave little pesticides residue on the nut. Any residue that remains are cleansed thoroughly with ETL No. 9, a naturally alkaline and all-natural cleaner that effectively removes pesticides and the most harmful bacteria from any produce. 

That’s helpful to know. But aren’t all conventional almonds from the US fumigated with propylene oxide (PPO) which is carcinogenic?
The mandate to pasteurise almonds (whether by steam or PPO) is only applicable for the US market. Pasteurisation of almonds for export is not mandatory, as long as the importing country allows it. Fortunately, Singapore does! We source for almonds that are absolutely untreated, hence is 100% unpasteurised and raw.

How long does the almond mlk last for?
They last for 3-5 days from the day it is mlked. The cooler you keep them, with minimal temp fluctuations, and with minimal light exposure, the longer it lasts!

How do I maximise freshness?
Your almond mlk will be the happiest at the back of your fridge, where it’s the coldest and least affected by temperature changes, and where it’s away from light. The least ideal place to store your mlk would be the fridge door – it’s the warmest part of the fridge.  

Can I freeze my almond milk?
Yes we do that too, to use them in smoothies, even iced coffee / tea / chocolate. As long as the mlk is transferred out of the glass bottle. Ice cube trays for this purpose is really convenient.

I am pregnant / breastfeeding. Can I consume almond milk?
While almond milk contains nutrients that are beneficial for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, the best person to check with on this is your ObGyn. Our almond mlk is raw and not pasteurised, which may pose a risk to you / your baby(ies) depending on your health status.

Can I feed my baby with almond milk?
Our almond milk is not recommended for babies under a year old. For babies 1 year and older, we would encourage you to first seek advice from your pediatrician.

My almond milk has separated, is this normal?
Absolutely. We do not add thickening or binding agents, which most commercial almond mlk add into their recipe for aesthetic reasons with no proven health benefits. Separation is proof that your milk is au naturel!


What is the order cut off time?
The cut off time is every Saturday at 5pm for fulfillment on Mondays.

What are your delivery days / time?
We mlk every Monday morning, and deliver them to you right after, between 1pm to 6pm. If Monday happens to be a public holiday, your mlk will be delivered to you during the next working day. Late evening deliveries are available upon request (although limited slots are available). Email us to check!

What happens if I’m not home to receive my almond mlk?
You can opt for a redelivery. The cost of redelivery would be $8.50.

I’d like to recycle my bottles. How can I pass my empty bottles back to you?
Feel free to pass your clean bottles to our Mlk Delivery Man when he comes around with fresh bottles for you!  

Can I request for a specific timing for my orders to be delivered?
We would love to accommodate, trust us. Unfortunately at this moment, request for specific delivery timing is not possible. Our driver plans his route in a way that maximizes efficiency. Doing this saves us a lot of cost, which in turn allow us to pass on this cost savings to you!

I placed a wrong order and would like to seek for a refund. How do I go about with that?
Drop us an e-mail us at hello@themlk.co and we’ll do our best to help you.


When do I receive my first delivery after placing my orders?
We mlk every Monday morning, and deliver them to you right after, between 1pm to 6pm. If Monday happens to be a public holiday, your mlk will be delivered to you during the next working day.

I have an upcoming travel plan, and would like to pause my subscription. What should I do?
You may do so upon logging in to your account. You will see a button to “Pause” your subscription. And when you’re ready to resume your subscription, hit the “Resume” button!

I am no longer interested in receiving almond mlk on a weekly basis. How do I cancel my subscription?
We’re sorry to hear that! We’ll be happy to hear you out and help you keep up with the good habits you’ve developed thus far. But if you must cancel, you can do that via “My Account” page upon logging in.

When my subscription period ends, do I have to re-subscribe, or does it automatically roll into the next period?
It runs on an auto-renewal system so you don’t have to do a thing!

How do I change my delivery address?
You may do so via “My Account” page upon logging in. You may change your delivery address before placing your orders. If you’d like to change your delivery address after an order has been placed, do send us an e-mail to notify us of the change, as this will otherwise not be reflected in your order details.

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